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1. With a referral from the NHF to bring with you: – medical documentation – Current proof of insurance (insurance card, Episode pension / retirement) – personal effects – should also be taken into account (gymnastic outfit, jersey, sports shoes) – if you get sick of chronic diseases, obtain in such a quantity of drugs, which is enough for us to stay in a spa

2. Day spa treatment stay in stationary conditions, the first person per day begins at. 14.00 first day, and the last person per day ends at 12.00 last day of vacation-in accordance with the Minister of Health of 28 August 2009 (OJ. of 31 August 2009.)

3. Payment for treatment in a sanatorium adult – The patient bears the costs of travel to a sanatorium (and back), as well as partial payment for food and lodging costs. Payment for your stay in the sanatorium spa is different because of the season and a standard room occupied. Principles of partial payment for meals and accommodation in a spa for 1 day of stay in the / g of the Minister of Health 22 December 2010 r. amending the regulation on guaranteed benefits in the field of spa treatment (OJ. 252 of 29.12.2010 Item 1698). Information on the rates of the patient receives the time of submission. – Tourist tax (spa), in accordance with Resolution of the City Council on 26th October 2011, Resolution No. XIII/68/2011, whose height is 4,00 zł for 1 day stay. The resolution comes into force on 1 January 2012.

4. There is a possibility of early arrival to the spa resort visitors referred by the NHF – fee Rate 90 zł. / person (bed & breakfast / person in double room) Anyone arriving earlier in the sanatorium treatment should be reported by telephone to a sanatorium indicated on the referral.

5. Patients, who have been discharged prematurely from their guilt, or voluntarily discontinued treatment are required to pay a fee to cover costs for vacant apartments. Wellness stays – 60,00 zł / person per day.

6. Additional services payable (Turnus 21 days)

  • TV – 105 zł
  • Parking – 9 zł / Day

7. We do not book rooms.

8. Charges has to be paid no later than the second day.