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October 2008

Charm of Old Zdrój

Place other than all…

Villa Old Zdroj is a sanctuary for those seeking peace. Surrounded by greenery time passes much more slowly. Silence and relaxed villa guests can take handfuls of beneficial treatments offered in the local SPA.
“Stary Zdrój” This luxury hotel in the vicinity of Spa Park polanickiego. The beauty and magic of the surrounding nature allows guests to quickly get rid of fatigue and regain vitality. In the Villa there are 54 accommodations in comfortably equipped ii 2-bed rooms. The object is adapted to the needs of disabled people. It has a conference room, fitness room, lift, parking i hot-spot.
Treatment rooms are equipped with an object in a professional medical equipment. A wide range of relaxing treatments and rehabilitation will satisfy the most demanding guests. The offer includes a variety of spa massages and baths, sauna and Jacuzzi. An additional attraction are mud treatments, parafinowe, aromatherapy and the “shower experience”, which is a combination of water massage and play of light. Willi qualified staff performs treatments with electro- in laseroterapii, iontophoresis, and cryotherapy. Guests enjoy individual treatments or packages. Weekend package includes Exclusive 7 treatments, the 7-day package of three physical therapy per day recommended by a doctor and three treatments from the spa. Willi culinary offer is flexible – adapted to the needs and tastes of guests. Soon it will launch the restaurant for people from outside.

September 2008

Variety successfully attracting visitors
After health to Villa Old Zdrój

For Willi Old Zdroj come mainly group-oriented recreation and relaxation and treatment. The property also has an offer for business guests.

The main advantage of resort – Willi Old Zdrój is an attractive location, It is because in the spa town of Polanica-Zdrój, namely the old and interesting in terms of natural and scenic spa park. Besides a good location, hotel offers guests a comfortable hotel and a well equipped beauty spa, where they can enjoy relaxing treatments and rehabilitation, to rest and regenerate.
Villa Old Zdroj in Polanica was at boarding Krokus, that was once the street Mountain. Its owner was the Employee Holiday Fund. After the changes, have occurred in the country in the years 1990-2000 facility went into private hands, but not very happily. The new owner began to renovate the building, but, as it turned out – did not do this professionally and gave up further work. Pension would probably still falling into disrepair, if there was not eager to redeem his.
The building has acquired Vital-Moor-Tur of Połczyn-Zdrój, which it decided to rebuild and modernize. And so was created by the project engineer. arch. Jack’s subsidiary in Ar-cad from Polanica-Zdrój, and execution of renovation and construction firm commissioned to P. In. Soncas belonging to George Chodubskiego of Połczyn-Zdrój. Company Soncas, with experience and great achievements in this type of work, was the general contractor for renovation of yet another object belonging to the Vital-Moor-Tur – Willi Hopferówka Połczynie w-Zdroju. The company bought it in a state of total ruin in 2001 year and transformed into an object-Holiday kuracyjno a very high standard. The property has won several major prizes in competitions construction, Modernization of the Year Competition 2004 under the patronage of Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski-go. Also, the effect of modernization and arranging Willi Old Zdroj passed the investor’s expectations. Centre today is nothing like a neglected Krokus.

The facility is 52 accommodations in 28 single- and double. It has been adapted for the disabled – are required for driveways, installed a lift. Each room has a bathroom, Mini-bar, TV / SAT and telephone. The whole complex guests can enjoy Boarding via Wi-Fi. Bed and breakfast in single room costs 130 zł, za dwójkę trzeba zapłacić 200 zł. Villa Old Zdroj
stay organized seven- and 14-day, as well as weekend stays. – We are open to both groups coming for longer stays for rehabilitation, but also for business guests – CEO says company Vital-Moor-Tur, George Chodubski. The facility is possible to organize business meetings and conferences – for this purpose are made available to participants in a club room with 50 places. – We want, so our customers can combine business with us from the rest, matters because business travelers are encouraged to use the offer of rehabilitation – Aneta says Kucierska, Director of Marketing at Vital-Moor-Tur. Most people are however determined to go on longer stays relaxation and rehabilitation. Important customers are the Villa Old Zdroj group of German tourists, which the company acquires through cooperation with foreign travel agencies. What is interesting, Villa guests often through its doors, a group of Polish singles.

Treatment rooms are equipped with a professional medical equipment, so that the center is able to offer guests a variety of treatments and massages – Classic, limfatyczne, submersibles and pearl. In addition, salt baths offer, Relaxation, and treatments with paraffin and mud. Among the pleasures, they are waiting for patients’, is aromatherapy, sauna, Jacuzzi and a “shower experience”, treatment or a combination of water massage and play of light. Guests can also choose to carried out by qualified personnel in the form of electronic procedures- in laseroterapii, iontophoresis or cryotherapy. As they say owners, These are the most popular treatments using mud, besides, hydrotherapy and cryotherapy, which is an antidote to the disease, in particular, motor. Individual prices of such treatments vary from 10 zł for 25 zł, but guests can take advantage of the entire stay packages. The scope of a weekend package included seven treatments Exclusive, classical massage, hydro-massage, bubble bath with aromatherapy, Peat or cryotherapy treatment to choose, paraffin treatment for hands, BOA compression massage, and twice after 60 my. Saunas, Jacuzzi or “shower experience”. Weekend package costs 400 zł for a stay in a single room and 330 zł per person for accommodation in a double room. Guests wishing to take advantage of the longer treatment, may opt for a package of seven, Rehabilitation in the price 1050 zł (single room) or 910 zł / the. (stay in a double roomzłIncluded are three physical therapy by a doctor zaordynowane day and three times the spa (sauna, jacuzzi, “Shower experience”). The package is providedsaunacourse kuracjuszom board.

Gastronomic offer
Culinary Willi Old Zdroj is mainly Polish cuisine, the dishes are also more elaborate dishes, such as salmon steak, Sirloin steak or turkey in cranberry. On request, even cooks preparing vegetarian and dietetic. For now, the resort has no restaurant, operates only dining room with catering facilities, which is also open to people from outside who want to join such. Coffee Break. – Soon we plan to open restaurant in the middle, a summer feasting also move outside, where a special area will be prepared for grilling – Aneta announces Kucierska.